On the quiet rhythms, and with the proverb (The march of thousand miles, start by just one step), We set off on God’s blessing in the selection of our project is the specialty of sports clothing, footwear, equipment and sports equipment of all kinds and that was the beginning of the twentieth decade and particularly in 2002 under the name of the sports world.

And really was the sports world is filled with all the requirements of sports clubs and educational institutions in different stages and received the young and old where he found all their needs and at reasonable prices and high quality with international companies are proud to work with an agent.

With the passage of time began our ambitions grow and become the goal is to create a company specializing in this sector and actually achieve our goal with the beginning of 2005 is the creation of the Company under the name of (Nokhba for Importing Equipment & Tools for Sports & Entertainment), and since inception focused on providing all the equipment and sports equipment.

The company is equipped sports stadiums and artificial turf modern global systems and equipped with all the accessories from the bench, and cover types of the stadium and seating terraces on demand.

As you all equipment for the sports clubs, universities, camps, youth centers, as we import international products of clothing and Balls and equipment exercise, weight loss and hardware gyms and equipment houses and also on the entertainment of various gardens, parks and games clubs and accessories trips, fishing, and we rely on this to international companies.